How do I change the status of a Job?

Jobs can have the following statuses in Dispatch, which have color-coded borders and headers in the web application:

  • Offered: when a third-party enterprise/brand sends you a Job Offer (green)
  • Unscheduled: when a Job exists but no Appointments are scheduled yet (red)
  • Scheduled: when a Job has at least one Appointment scheduled (blue)
  • In Progress: when a Technician has indicated that they are en route or have started an Appointment (orange)
  • Paused: when a Job is waiting for some reason before it is completed (yellow)
  • Complete: when all work on a Job is finished (gray)

For the most part, changing Job status results from actions being completed in the web application or mobile app. The below chart outlines the possible status changes and related actions.

Start Status Action End Status
-- Create Job: no Date/Arrival added Unscheduled
-- Create Job: Date/Arrival added Scheduled
Offered Accept Unscheduled
Offered Decline (no job access)
Unscheduled Create Job: Date/Arrival added Scheduled
Scheduled Delete Appointment Unscheduled
Scheduled On My Way/En Route In Progress
Scheduled Start Appointment/Started In Progress
Scheduled Complete/Appointment Complete Complete
Scheduled Cancel Job Complete
In Progress Complete/Appointment Complete Complete
In Progress Paused Paused
Paused New appointment scheduled Scheduled
Paused Cancel Job Complete
Complete New appointment scheduled Scheduled

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