Accepting Job Offers from third parties

If you work with a third party organization, like a home warranty company or an OEM, you will receive jobs as "Offers" in Dispatch. In order to schedule these job offers, you will first need to Accept the offer. There is also an option to Decline the offer in the event that you cannot perform the service requested for this customer. This article will show you the steps to Accept and Decline a third party job offer. 

Accepting a Job Offer

There are a couple of different ways that you can Accept Job Offers from a third party organization like a home warranty company or OEM. 

On the Jobs page, you can click  Accept, which will move the job from an offered status to an unscheduled status allowing you to schedule an appointment at a later time. You can also click on the + Appointment, which both Accepts the Job and brings your screen straight into scheduling an appointment.

Secondly, If you want to view the full Job Details before accepting, you can open the job and then click  Accept as shown below!

NOTE: When you are ready to schedule an appointment for an accepted job, follow the instructions in this article: Scheduling Appointments on Jobs in Work and Mobile

Declining a Job Offer

There may be times that you have to decline a job offer if a customer is out of your service area, or the appointment times do not work.In these cases, we do have an option to Decline the job and that status will be sent back to the third party that sent you the job. 

To decline, you will need to open the job offer and view the Full Details page. On the left hand side there is an option to Decline. When you press this option, various reasons will appear - choose the reason that best reflects why this job is being declined. 

NOTE: Keep in mind that each third party will have different decline reasons available. If you see a reason not included that should be, reach out to your third party rep and let them know!
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