Managing Your Team

Use this article to learn how to update all user and team settings.

Unique Information

Each user within your company's "team" can be listed as a unique individual. It's highly recommended that each person in your team, whether an office manager, scheduler, or field staff, utilizes their own individual user account. Within our application several activities can be tracked in case it's necessary to know who performed a certain action - actions such as Appointment Scheduled and Note Added.

Each user can have a unique mobile phone number and/or email address assigned. Users can login to our applications with either method, and we've outlined each below. In order for a user to login to our applications, they will need at least one of the two details on their user account.

Phone Numbers

Assigning a phone number to a user requires that the individual can receive an SMS (TEXT) message in order to use a temporary 4-digit verification code. For instance, if a user is assigned 555-123-1234 and attempts to login to the mobile application with that phone number, a 4-digit code will be sent to the 555-123-1234 number - the user will then need to enter the 4-digit code on the Verification Code screen to complete their login process.

A phone number can only exist once for a single active user across our platform. Meaning, 555-123-1234 can not exist on multiple user accounts. If you're attempting to use a phone number but receiving an error, contact us for help.

Email Addresses

Assigning an email address to a user requires entering a recorded password. These passwords are unique to the user who's assigned the email address. Users with Dispatcher or Both roles can assign a password to a user by opening the user profile within

If you do not have unique email addresses nor wish to utilize personal email addresses for your team, we've explained a simple work-around. Below will mean that all notifications to the email address will arrive in one email address/inbox. 

Add a user which combines your company email address and their first & last name. If your company email address is and the user you're creating is "John Smith", you can add the user with an email address such as - any emails to this address will likely arrive at your inbox. Keep in mind, this will mean John Smith will probably not be able to reset their password UNLESS they have access to the address.

Adding a Team Member

You can add a new Team member to your organization from both the web application and mobile app. Each team member can be invited using a unique email address or cell phone number. Below explains the simple steps from each platform.

Web Application

Navigate to  Settings option from the menu on the left and then choose Team. In the Team settings, find the option that says Create User at the top. That will open up the Edit User dialog on the right where you can enter all of their personal information under the INFO tab. 

It is very important that you include at least a First Name/Last Name and either a MOBILE Phone Number or an email address - users can login to the applications with either method (email, phone number) at any time they wish - and save your changes.

You can also add a user's home address to their profile. If a user is set with either a role of Both or Technician, when a home address is entered their scheduled appointments will show their route starting from this address.

After you have the technicians basic information, you are able to update working hours for your technician. An invitation to the email address or phone number will be sent automatically. Upon receipt, the individual that you invited will be able to update their profile with their name, photo, and other vital information. 

Mobile App

First, tap Settings in the bottom right hand corner. Next tap Team Settings and then Add User. On the next screen, enter the individual's Email and/or Phone Number, choose a Role, and then tap Save. Your team member will automatically get a text or email with a download/invite link for Dispatch.

Changing User Roles

Dispatchers can change their own role or that of other Team members in the web application. Click the Settings option from the menu on the left and then select Team. In the Team list, find the user you wish to update and click on the record, this will open up the Edit User dialog on the right, where you will find the Roles field. When done, scroll down and click Save. Your new Role will then be active.

Updating your Password

Dispatchers who use the web application can login with their mobile phone number, or with an email address and password. To change your password on your account, follow the below instructions.

Click the Settings option from the menu on the left. The Settings menu will open to the Team page by default. In the Team list, find the user you wish to update a password for and click on the name. This will open up the Edit User dialog on the right, where you will find the Password field. You can click on Show Password to see your new password as you enter it. When done, scroll down and click Save.Your new password will then be active.

NOTE: If you don't remember your password, you can use the Forgot Password link on the login screen to reset it. Enter your email address and click Submit. An automated email will be sent to you that will take you through the password reset process.

Adding User Photo

Adding a photo to user accounts helps personalize the service experience for your customer, allowing them to see exactly who will arrive at their door or who will speak with them. In order to maximize your customer's comfort and experience with your organization, we advise that you upload a good, professional photo of all field service providers that makes them clearly identifiable and makes a positive impression.

You can add or change a personal photo from either the web application or the mobile app. If your role is Dispatcher or Both, you also can add or change photos of all users in Dispatch via web application or mobile app. Refer to this article to learn more about Roles in Dispatch.

Article Sections

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile App

Web Application

Click the Settings option from the menu on the left and then select Team. In the Team list, find the user's name and click on the record. That will open up the Edit User dialog on the right, where you will find an image upload icon in the top left. A dialog will allow you to navigate to the folder where the image is stored on your computer, select it, and click Open. After uploading the image, scroll down and click Save. The new profile Photo will then be active and appear in the Customer Portal and Dispatch alerts.

NOTE: Users with a Role of Dispatcher or Both may upload Photos of other users. Technicians may only upload Photos of themselves via the mobile app. We recommend a square image to properly display the entire image in our application. A square image would be similar to a 500px X 500px image file, otherwise part of the image will be cropped out automatically when resized to fit all parts of the Dispatch application.

Mobile App

Adding a photo to your profile from the Dispatch mobile app is equally as simple. Users with a Dispatcher role can also perform this action for other team members in the mobile app. When you open the app select Settings from the options at the bottom of the screen. Then tap Team Settings. Tap on the user you would like to add a photo for and then select Change Photo at the top of the page..You can then choose from the list to add or change a particular individual's photo.

Technicians will also have the option to take a photo of yourself using your device's camera, or you can choose to upload a photo that is stored on your device. After your photo is successfully uploaded, you should be able to see it next to Profile Image .Once you successfully upload your photo, be sure to save it by tapping Save in the upper right-hand corner of the page. 

Adding Technician Bios

Technicians and Dispatchers are able to add bios to each user profile that will be shown to customers via notifications and the customer portal. When a technician marks "On My Way" on an appointment, a notification is sent to the customer which will contain the technician bio as you see below. 

NOTE: Dispatchers must approve a bio from a technician in order for the bio to appear on the customer portal. To learn more about the customer portal and other features that are included, check out this page: Understanding the customer portal

The technician will need to go to the settings page in the mobile app Dispatch Field to add a bio for a Dispatcher to approve. When the tech opens up Dispatch Field, clicking on Settings > Name will open the profile page.

Once the bio is ready, the technician will click save. Now, the Dispatcher will see an alert on the Settings > Team page to approve the bio to be shown to customers. See below for an example of what the alert and approving process will look like.

NOTE: Dispatchers are also able to add a bio for all technicians via the Settings > Team page in Dispatch. 

Setting Profiles

Internal to your team is the ability to set helpful details about your staff. Most useful for team members who have either both Dispatch & Technician OR just Technician roles, you can capture a few pieces of data stored for future reference. You can open any of your team member's accounts to make certain changes.

Working Hours

You can choose to edit the Working Hours for a Technician. This information shows when you click on a Technician's name on the schedule page. To do so, choose the Working Hours section and selecting available days and times.

Note that setting work hours on a user's profile does not block off that time on the calendar. Be sure to click on the tech's name while viewing the calendar to see any notes or work hours added to their profile.


When you want to store information that can be used quickly when scheduling and assigning appointments, this Notes field is a perfect place for reference.

Some examples are helpful content:

  1. Emergency Contact Information
  2. Work types Technician can perform
  3. Communication Preferences: Email, Text, Call


Setting the days and times your staff is typically available will help give you quick glance in to whether or not you should schedule appointments or events for them.

  • Check On/Off the days that apply
  • Set the Start and End times

Note that setting work hours on a user's profile does not block off that time on the calendar. Be sure to click on the tech's name while viewing the calendar to see any notes or work hours added to their profile.

Deactivating and Reactivating your Team

While we hope every team member is a lifelong hire, there are certainly cases where you need to disable access. In such situations, you will want to deactivate a user from inside the web application. If you resume doing business with this individual in the future, you can reactivate them as a member of your organization, restoring access to their jobs and appointments.

Navigated to the  Settings option from the menu on the left and then choose the Team optionIn the Team list, find the name of the individual that you wish to deactivate and click on their name. This will open up the Edit User pane on the right. At the bottom, you will find a Deactivate button - use this option to remove their access and they will appear in the Deactivated users list below your other team members.

Before deactivating a Technician we do warn you if a Technician has open appointments. We recommend reviewing the schedule for this particular team member prior to deactivating.

If at any point you need to  reactivate this user, find their name in the Deactivated list, click their name and select Reactivate at the bottom of the page. Once selected, confirm that you want to Reactivate this user and they will have full access to Dispatch.

NOTE: Deactivating users will not delete their profile, but it will remove them from showing on the schedule, prevent them from being assigned new appointments, and remove their access to the organization's information. We do not provide a way to deactivate from the mobile app at this time.

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