Job vs Appointment: What's the Difference?

Across field service enterprises, contractors, and systems, there are many different terms used to describe what and when services are delivered. In Dispatch, we use the terms Job and Appointment to capture these, and in order to create either, you must have a Customer.

  • By Customer, we mean the individual or company that is having you complete work.
  • By Job, we mean a specified project, work order, or other body of work that has scope and goals. It is not tied to time, date, or specific site visits.
  • By Appointment, we mean a site visit at a particular time that fulfills the needs of a particular Job.

To sum it up, you must have a Customer to create a Job; you must have a Job to create an Appointment. You might complete multiple Jobs for the same Customer, and it might take multiple Appointments to complete a Job.

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