Why can't I see a Technician's location?

As a Dispatcher, if you cannot see the location of a Technician, or if you see an incorrect location, then one of a couple of issues are likely causing this problem. Location updates occur automatically at an interval to minimize data usage. We've outlined some important details to help you understand how we update the settings for a given Technician, especially important if their location doesn't appear to be accurate.

Problem: Technician does not have the mobile app currently open on their phone.

Solution: You will need to call the Technician and remind them to open the mobile app.

Problem: Technician is operating in Offline Mode because a cellular data network is unavailable.

Solution: You will have to wait until the Technician has cellular data service available again. To learn more about the capabilities and limitations of the mobile app in Offline Mode, refer to this article.

If neither of the above is true, reach out to our Customer Success team, and we'll help troubleshoot more and address your problem thoroughly.

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