Managing Your Company Settings

The Company page under Settings allows you to update your company profile, presets such as service types and labels, and enable branded emails. To get to your Company Settings page, you will first want to go to Settings on the left-hand side and then select Company. The information stored under the company page is referenced in customer SMS/Email notifications as well as to 3rd party partners who may send you jobs. 

Check out each section below to learn how you can use each to make your workflows more efficient.

Company Profile

Keeping your Company information in Dispatch is very important as much of this information is sent to customers when a job is confirmed or an appointment is scheduled. The company name, company logo, phone, and email address are including on various external-facing communications like the customer portal, billing documents, certain job notifications, and premium features. 


You can update any information in these fields and you'll want to be sure to keep them updated as they're visible to end-customers.

Working Hours

Set standard company hours to enable clarity in areas of the applications, namely the Schedule page and booking page.


Select the Add/Change Logo option below, navigate to your logo file on your computer, and select your preferred logo file - we'll add your logo across We accept PNG and JPG files and 

Make sure that you click save at the bottom of the page to ensure any changes are made across the board.


The Presets section allows you to add various service types and labels to your Dispatch account for Dispatchers and Technicians. 

In order to use any of these labels, they need to be added to your company presets. Once items have been added to your company presets, any user with access to the web application can apply these labels to jobs, customers, attachments, appointments, and leads.


Job Label, similar to a Service Type, helps differentiate between Jobs that have the same status and provide more control and visibility into your work. Think of Labels as a way to assign sub-statuses such as "Urgent" for a priority and "Awaiting Invoice" regarding billing the customer.

A Lead Label can be created and applied to your leads. Lead labels are specific to leads and do not carry over to the linked job when a lead is marked as won. 

Customer Labels can be applied directly on a customer record. Like Job Labels, adding a label to a customer record can help you remember certain things about a customer. Examples could be "VIP", "Senior", or "Always Call". Customer labels are only visible to team members in the "Dispatcher" or "both" role, while using the web application. These are not visible to technicians or your customers.

Attachment Labels can be applied directly to a photo or note on a job to support standardized labeling and better searchability. Your account comes with attachment labels "Before" and "After", and you're able to create your own. These can be applied by a Dispatcher to photos and notes. Technicians can add attachment labels to photos they take in the field. Dispatchers/Both can add attachment labels to any photos or notes. 

Service Type is a field tied to Job records that allows you add some granularity to the work your business does. When you assign Service Types to Jobs, you can later filter your Jobs list and view Reports based on those Service Types.

Company Skills - Your team members may specialize in a number of unique skills. You can add these skills here and they can be added to jobs and technicians to match them when assigning an appointment. Once Skills are added here you can then attach them to specific Technician's user profiles for matching at job assignment. Learn more about using Company skills to match the right technicians to jobs even faster.

Job (and Lead) Sources - Add your company’s job sources. When you create a job, you’ll be able to attribute it to a source from this list. This preset is also used for adding your lead sources. Any items you add here can be used for the jobs and/or the lead source section. 

Appointment Functions - Add functions that describe technicians' responsibilities on appointments. You'll be able to pick from this list when assigning technicians. They can also be updated by the primary technician out in the field. Whenever there are multiple technicians assigned to an appointment, there will always be a primary technician, while the others are automatically secondary. If you'd like to label the function of each technician, example; make a secondary technician labeled as a "helper" or a "driver". Technicians will be able to see their function on the appointment details in their mobile app.

Appointment Types - Add appointment types to better organize your company’s schedule. You can set a default appointment type, with a duration, so the appointment length will automatically default to your chosen duration. Examples: Full day appt = 8 hours, half day appt = 4 hours, etc. See how to set your default appointment type & length here.

Adding your own custom presets is simple. Use the  + option next to the item you wish to add. A new box will appear on your screen where you can enter your Service Type/Label of choice and save to your account. These new additions become available across your company immediately as new options.

You can Edit an item under presets, simple click on the pencil icon or if you wish to delete an item under presets, click on the trashcan icon. 

NOTE: Check out our other articles to see how your Dispatchers and Technicians can utilize using labels and service types

Branded Emails

This feature allows you to push your company branding to customers by displaying brand colors to emails for jobs you've manually added to Dispatch. Additionally, you can append content in the emails to add context as a way to add important information.

You can find the Branded Emails options by going to Branded Emails under the Settings > Company section. 

The notification emails that are affected are: 

  • Appointment Scheduled
  • Appointment Rescheduled 
  • Appointment Reminder 
  • Appointment Canceled 
  • Technician On My Way 
  • Survey Request

Check out the example notifications below to see which changes are reflected in the emails to the customers.

NOTE: Branded emails are currently a part of the Dispatch Power premium upgrade. To read more about Dispatch Power or signup for Power, follow this link: Dispatch Power
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