Filtering your Jobs

When viewing your work on the Schedule/Jobs page in Dispatch, you have the ability to limit the current list by using Filters. There are two types -- Quick Filters and Advanced Filters -- that are explored below.

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  1. Quick Filters
  2. Advanced Filters

Quick Filters

Quick filters allow you to instantly see all of the jobs that have a particular status such as New OffersScheduled, Unscheduled, Paused, In Progress, Completed, or All Jobs. At the top of the Jobs page, you will see a series of color-coded buttons that are Quick Filters that each represent a job status.

You can click on each Status button to show jobs with that status. For instance, you might click on the orange In Progress button to see only those jobs that have a Technician either on their way or at the job location. 

You can toggle on multiple Quick Filters at one time. For example, clicking both Unscheduled and Paused would display all jobs with either status on the jobs page. Clicking on the black All Jobs filter will turn off all of the other Quick Filters and reset your view.

On the Schedule page, you will see smaller versions of the same Quick Filters.

Advanced Filters

To perform more sophisticated filtering of your jobs in Dispatch, you can use the Advanced Filters option. 

You can access Advanced Filters by clicking the Filter By… button, which is found just below the Quick Filter options.

Doing so will open the Advanced Filters menu, where you can choose multiple filter options such as Filter By Technician or Job Source. When a filter is selected, a green checkmark will appear next to it. When you have finished selecting any filters you wish to use, click Save to apply these filters to your Job or Schedule page.

You will now see the Filter by... button has changed to show that Filtering is on. You can click the Filter By… button again to change your current filters, or click on the X to clear filtering and return to the default view.

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