Using Group Management

With the Groups Management feature in Dispatch, you have another way to provide access to the right information to the right users in your organization. You can create groups that reflect your organizational structure by Team members, Service Types, and Postal Codes in the web application's Settings.

Creating a Group and Adding Techs

Go to "Settings > Team" from the navigation bar on the left. Click on Create Group which will open the Create Group dialog on the right side of your screen. Begin by giving the Group a Name and then click Add Technician to choose individuals to add to this Group. If you have more than 5 users you will likely need to start typing the team member's name for them to appear in the drop down to select.

When done editing, click  Save to finish creating your Group. Now you will see that name you gave the Group in your Team list, as well as all Technicians who belong to the Group below that. In order to Edit the Group, simply click on the Group name.

Using Postal Codes and Service Types

You can restrict your Group even more by adding Postal Codes and by Service Types. This is a great option when you have staff to manage network areas within your geographical operation and by service provided. 

Adding individual 5-digit postal codes to a group will allow you to filter jobs based on their recorded address to see area-specific jobs. All scheduled appointments still appear on the map (and schedule) regardless of the postal codes filtered for the group. Similar to Postal Codes, restricting your groups by Service Types allows you to filter by type of service performed. For more information on Service Types, see this article

After you have created your first Group, a new Groups filter button will appear at the top of the Jobs and Schedule pages. Choosing a Group from this dropdown will filter your Jobs list to only show Jobs associated with that Group's Technicians, Service Types, and Postal Codes.

NOTE: There are two important aspects of Groups that are worth knowing:

  • If a particular Job's Postal Code does not match any of your existing Groups, the Job will appear under all Groups.
  • All individuals with a Role of Dispatcher or Both can edit and delete all Groups.
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