Using Service Types

In Dispatch, a Service Type is a field tied to Job record that allows you add some granularity to the work your business does. When you assign Service Types to Jobs, you can later filter your Jobs list and view Reports based on those Service Types.

Job Details: Assigning Service Types to Jobs

When creating a new Job, you have the option to assign a Service Type in the Job Info section Service Type dropdown. Note that if you have ore than 5 Service Types added to your account, you will need to start typing the name of the Service Type you are after if you do not see if populate in the dropdown.From there, continue creating the job as you normally would. The Service Types that appear in this dropdown are governed by those you add in your Presets from your main Company settings. These can be access from "Settings > Company" in the navigation bar on the left.

For existing Jobs, you should first click on the Job to view its Job Details, where you will find the Job Description card. The current Service Type is listed directly beneath the job address. To change it, click on Edit. Select a new Service Type from the dropdown. Click Save to see your changes in the Job Description card.

Filtering on Jobs by Service Type

When viewing all of your Jobs on either the Schedule or Jobs page, you can filter your view by Service Type. Once a service type is selected, click save. Your jobs list will now show you results based on the filters chosen.

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