Navigating the Schedule Page

One of the most powerful features of Dispatch is the Schedule page because you have different views into your work -- informational, geographic, and time-oriented. This article will introduce you to some of the key terminology and functionality of the Schedule page and its screen "real estate."

If you prefer a video walkthrough, please refer to The Schedule Page training video.


The Schedule page is divided into three "panels" that are discussed in more detail in the rest of this article: the Jobs panel, the Map panel, and the Calendar panel.

You can also resize the panels to suit your needs. Hovering your mouse over the border between panes will cause the cursor to change to a different arrow.

Afterwards, you can click, hold, and drag the border to make the panel larger or smaller.

Jobs panel

The Jobs panel is where the information about all of your jobs and each individual job lives. By default, you will see a list of jobs that appears in the order they were created from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). In the list view, each Job appears on a "card" with summary information.

Clicking on the Job card will open up the Job Details, all of the information associated with the Job.

There are many more parts of Job Details beyond these available when you scroll down. To exit and return to the list view in your Jobs panel, simply click on the back arrow at the top.

NOTE: The background color behind the arrow will vary based on the status of the job currently being viewed.

Map panel

The Map panel is where you can see the geographic location of everything associated with your work, including job site locations, current technician location, fastest travel routes to appointments, and office location.

In the Map panel, a Job appears as a colored dot. Clicking on it will launch a small dialog with summary information.

Clicking the job's location dot will also open its full Job Details in the Jobs Panel.

Calendar panel

Calendar Layout

The Calendar panel is where you will find your appointments organized by date/time and by the Technician assigned.

At the top of the Calendar panel is the navigation bar, which controls what is shown below on the Calendar.

The rest of the Calendar is broken into Lanes, including an Unassigned lane at the top, where you will find Appointments that have been scheduled but not yet assigned to a Technician.

Below that, you will see a Technician lane for every user with a role of Technician or Both in the system.

Any appointments will appear as Appointment cards at the appropriate time for a particular Technician.

Clicking the job's location dot will also open its full Job Details in the Jobs Panel.

Changing the date

By default, you will see Today on your Calendar, and the Date section of the navigation bar will match.

You can navigate forward or backward one day at a time with these Arrows.

You can click on the Date to open a Calendar day-picker with its own arrows to navigate forward and backward months. Clicking on a date will select it.

At any time, clicking on Today will return you to the current day.

Changing the view

By default, you will see the Day view. You can also use the Week or Agenda if desired by clicking on those buttons.

Changing the work hours

By default, you will see your Calendar by standard Work Hours of 8am to 6pm. Clicking on Show 24 Hours will allow you to see appointments booked after work hours.

Clicking the link again will return you to seeing Work Hours only.

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