Scheduling new Appointments on existing Jobs

Frequently, completing a Job may take more than one site visit, and you can add multiple Appointments to the same Job in these situations. 

You can add a new Appointment to an existing Job in a few different ways that are detailed below. Here is more information on the distinctions between Jobs and Appointments in Dispatch.

Article Sections

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile App

Web Application

Jobs page

From the list, select an existing Job and look for the blue Plus (+) sign in the Appointments section.

Clicking on it will launch the Schedule Appointment dialog identical to that seen when creating a Job

You will need to choose a Date and set an Arrival window at least, and you may choose to assign a Tech at this time or save that action for later.

Schedule Page

From the list in the Job pane, select a Job and scroll down to Appointments. You can click on the blue Plus (+) sign to create another appointment, or -- an even easier solution -- simply click, hold, and drag the empty Appointment Slot onto your Calendar.


You'll then see the new Appointment next to the previously scheduled one in the Job Details.

Mobile App

In the mobile app, you should first navigate to the Job which needs another appointment and tap the Job to open it. Tap on the red Add Item button in the bottom righthand corner.

You will then see the Add Item menu and can select Appointment.

From there, you will see the standard Schedule Appointment screen, where you can add Date, Arrival information, and Technician for your additional Appointment.

Tapping on Save + Assign will complete the process of adding another Appointment to the existing Job. As with an appointment for a new job, notifications will also be sent by text message:

  1. The Customer will be alerted about the second appointment.
  2. If you assigned a Technician, that individual will also be notified.

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