Adding Team Members

You can add a new Team member to your organization from both the web application and mobile app. Each team member can be invited using a unique email address or cell phone number. Below explains the simple steps from each platform.

Article Sections

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile App

Web Application

Click the Settings option from the menu on the left.

The Settings menu will open to the Team page by default. If you are already in Settings, you can click on Team as well.

In the Team Settings, click on Create User at the top.

That will open up the Edit User dialog on the right, where you can enter all of their personal information. It is very important that you include at least a First Name/Last Name, and either a MOBILE Phone Number (for Technicians) or an email address (for other Dispatchers or dual role users).

When done, scroll down and click Save.

An invitation to the email address or phone number will be sent automatically. Upon receipt, the individual that you invited will be able to update their profile with their name, photo, and other vital information. 

Mobile App

First, tap Menu in the bottom right corner of the app.

Then tap Settings.

In the Settings menu, tap Team.

After that, tap Team Members.

Then tap the Plus button, 

On the next screen, enter the individual's Email or Phone Number, choose a Role, and then tap Save.

Your team member will automatically get a text or email with a download/invite link for Dispatch.

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