Dispatcher Assignment to Jobs/Leads

If you have more than 1 person in your office who manages the jobs/leads in your Dispatch account, it may be useful for you to assign certain jobs/leads to specific Dispatchers.

When you assign specific dispatchers to jobs/leads, you will be able to filter your view of the jobs list and map, based on the dispatcher assignment.

Dispatchers have the quick 'My Jobs' filter which will filter their view to only their assigned jobs/leads.

Article Sections

  1. Assigning a Dispatcher
  2. Filtering Jobs by Dispatcher Assignment

Assigning a Dispatcher

Dispatcher assignment serves as a method to easily organize jobs and filter your view. 

  • When new jobs are created by a Dispatcher, that Dispatcher will be assigned to that job/lead by default.
  • When jobs/leads are sent from an enterprise or booking page, the job/lead will not be assigned to a Dispatcher by default.
  • The Dispatcher assignment to a job/lead can be removed or modified from the job details page and from the jobs list page alongside your schedule. 

Dispatchers can be assigned or unassigned directly from the jobs list

Dispatchers can be assigned or unassigned from the job view alongside the schedule

Dispatchers can be assigned or unassigned from the job details page

Filtering Jobs by Dispatcher Assignment

When a Dispatcher selects the 'My Jobs' filter, their list and map view will be filtered to only display their assigned jobs/leads.

In the filters menu, there is now an option to filter by dispatcher assignment.

Learn more about Dispatcher assignment and filtering options through our brief tutorial!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if there is only 1 Dispatcher?
    • If there is only 1 Dispatcher on your account, you will not see this feature.
    • As soon as another Dispatcher, or a user who is 'Both' is added to your account, you will see this option.
  • Will other dispatchers still receive notifications for jobs assigned to another dispatcher?
    • Yes, Dispatcher assignment does not impact or change notifications delivered. All dispatchers will continue to receive notifications for all jobs.
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