Using the Dispatch Field mobile app

Users who have Technician or “Both” access can utilize the Dispatch Field mobile app to view and status scheduled appointments. Users who have "Both" access are recommended to use the Dispatch Manager mobile app.

Jobs List and Map View

The Jobs List is where the information about any scheduled job lives. By default, users will see a list of appointments that have been assigned to them as well as a menu to select and view appointments for other dates. This view is intended to give you critical information first, allowing you to open an individual job to view all relevant content. Users can tap an appointment to open it and find more information or take action on that appointment.

Users can also view scheduled appointments on a map by selecting the Map button in the top left corner of the screen. 

From the map view, users can tap on a scheduled appointment, represented by pins on the map and color coded according to the status of a job, red for unscheduled, blue for scheduled, orange for in progress, and yellow for paused. users can tap on a pin to see some brief details for that job. The map will also show other pins for local landmarks and attractions in the area.


Technicians can view and respond to any messages they have received from Dispatchers by using the "Messages" tab at the bottom of the app.

From there, Technicians can view and respond to any messages that have been sent to them from Dispatchers.

Statusing an Appointment

Technicians can view their appointments via the Jobs page or via the Maps page. Tapping an appointment will open relevant details for that appointment. From there, Technicians can take several actions such as starting and completing appointments, or adding info such as photos and notes.

Viewing an appointment

From the jobs page, a technician can tap to open an appointment and view the appointment info. 

On My Way and Getting Directions

Once an assigned Technician is ready to leave for an appointment, they can select the On My Way button. This will send the customer a notification and update the appointment’s status to Enroute.

After doing so, a Technician can get directions to the job address by tapping the Get Directions button, which will open up the preferred navigation app (such as Google Maps or Apple Maps) with the appointment address already added.

Starting an Appointment

Once at the appointment location, an assigned Technician can tap the Start Appointment button to begin the appointment.

Adding Attachments

Technicians can add attachments such as notes, photos, or PDFs to a job. When in an appointment, attachments can be added by tapping the "Plus" button towards the bottom of the screen.

From there, Technicians can choose from a list of attachments to add and can then follow the prompts to attach it to the job.

Completing an Appointment

Users in the field are often the best individuals to determine if a Job has been completed. Users can open an Appointment to be completed from the day's list to see the Job Details. Once there, a user can tap the Appointment Complete button. The Appointment Complete button will only appear once an appointment has been started. Users can also complete a job by tapping the Actions button and selecting the “Complete Appointment” option.

Completing an appointment will launch the Complete Reasons dialog box, which determines if the Job is done or if more work is required.

NOTE: Some third-party job providers have custom Complete Reasons that mirror their needs and systems, such as Ready For Billing, Waiting For Parts, Requires Follow-Up Appointment, No Show, and others. Usually, there is one option that Completes the job, whereas the rest move it into a Paused status.


To view app settings and user info, Technicians can simply tap the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen. 

From this screen, you can view and update Team Settings, Company Settings, Notification Settings, and Offline Settings. Users can find their app version by clicking the Help option.

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