Archiving Jobs

While using Dispatch you may want to remove a job from your jobs list. This is typically done to jobs that are made by mistake or for training purposes compared to jobs that have been completed or canceled. The easiest way to do that is through archiving jobs. You can archive a job at any point as long as it does not have a scheduled status. 

How to Archive a Job

When you want to archive a job, open the job details either on the jobs page or on the schedule page.  From there you should see the archive button on the left hand side for the jobs page and at the top of the job details for the schedule page. Once a job has been archived it will disappear from your jobs list but don’t worry you can still find it. 

Jobs Page:

Schedule Page:

How to Find an Archived Job

You can find an archived job in two ways either through the search bar or through the customer history.

Click into the search bar in the upper right hand corner. Then just search for the job name or customer and the job should come right up. 

You can also access customer history to find the archived job, to do this head over to the customer page from the left hand side menu.  Scroll down the customer list until you find the customer of the archived job you are looking for.  Once you have found the customer just select them and the customer details card will open.  From there just select jobs in customer details.  The archived job will be marked so you can easily tell which jobs have been archived

How to Unarchive a Job

You can unarchive a job as well.  The easiest way to do this is by finding the archived job and opening the job details.  The unarchive button is in the same place as the archive button. Either on the left hand side of the job details page or at the top of the job details on the schedule page. 

Job details page:

Schedule Page: 

Common Questions

  1. What will happen if I already have an appointment scheduled?
    The appointment will no longer be visible on the schedule page or on in the mobile app for your technicians. 
  2. What will happen to estimates and invoices already on the job?
    Estimates and invoices will no longer be visible in the billing document lists.  You can still view the estimate or invoice from the archived job if needed. 
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