Gateway Integrations

Dispatch offers select integrations with outside platforms that will allow jobs coming into your Dispatch account to be synced over. This is helpful if you receive warranty work in Dispatch, but primarily work out of another platform for customer management or scheduling. See below for information on our current integration offerings and how you can link your existing Dispatch account.

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  1. ePass
  2. FieldEdge
  3. Housecall Pro
  4. Rossware
  5. Service Fusion
  6. ServiceTitan
  7. Walkabout


Why Connect Dispatch with ePass?

ePASS Enterprise is a fully integrated sales and service system designed specifically for the Appliance, Electronics, and Furniture industry. ePASS can handle all your business needs with a host of features designed to completely automate your company. 

Now, you can stay connected with Enterprises that Dispatch works with, without having to retrain your team or switch over to a new tool. By signing up to connect Dispatch and ePASS, you can automatically integrate with Sub-Zero Group & other brands with no change in your day to day scheduling and dispatching operations.

How to Get Connected:

All you need to do is reach out to your representative at ePASS:

West Coast - Nick Faiola,

East Coast - Mimi Corsini,

*There is a minimal set-up cost required in addition to what you already pay. For any questions on the ePass gateway please reach out to


Why Connect Dispatch with FieldEdge?

By connecting your FieldEdge account with Dispatch, you will be able to receive and return work order status automatically without having to switch between different tabs or tools. Your team will get work orders, leads and customer survey results back in real-time you can focus on job performance and winning more work. Another added bonus of the integration? There is no additional cost!

How to Get Connected:

1. Make sure you already have an account with Dispatch and FieldEdge.

2. Reach out to your designated Customer Success representative at FieldEdge, or, to get the integrated activated. Your rep can provide more info about the set-up, but there really isn’t much work left for you to do after that.

3. Once you’re linked up, you will see a Dispatch icon in the upper right-hand corner of your FieldEdge account. This is where notifications for new jobs will appear and where they can be accepted.

Also note: For a demo of how the integration between FieldEdge and Dispatch works, please reach out to

Housecall Pro

Why Connect Dispatch with Housecall Pro?

Once connected, Dispatch will automatically push jobs sent to you from brands you work with into your Housecall Pro account. Jobs will enter your account as “Unscheduled” with customer information, a description in the jobs notes, and a tag for Dispatch. Once a job is completed in Housecall Pro, the status will automatically be reflected in Dispatch.

How to Get Connected:

1. Make sure you already have an account with Dispatch and Housecall Pro

2. In Housecall Pro, navigate to the Dispatch app page, select “enable app” and accept the terms.

3. After you accept, your app will move into processing. Dispatch will match your Housecall Pro profile with your Dispatch account to ensure you are properly linked up.

4. Once you’re linked up, you will receive an email from Dispatch  letting you know that you’re ready to go! This process may take up to 1 to 5 business days. To check your status, please email Dispatch directly:


Why Connect Dispatch with Rossware?

For just $17/month (in addition to your existing Rossware plan) you'll be able to receive and return work order status automatically for applicable connected warranties with one simple integration with Dispatch - no need to log into different portals to provide status. One of the best parts about being connected is that there’s no need for your team to learn anything new or change the way they work - Dispatch simply works in the background with your Rossware software!

How to Get Connected:

1. Make sure you already have an account with Dispatch and Rossware/ServiceDesk

2. Call or email your representative at Rossware to request setup.

3. Rossware will authorize your account for download of the app and will send a setup email. This email, among other things, advises you to reach out to Dispatch Support ( in order to obtain the necessary credential set.

4. Dispatch Support will reply back to you with the set of strings you need. Once you have them, you can input the two strings into the boxes provided within the utility. After that, the Rossware and Dispatch integration will begin doing its work!

Service Fusion

Why Connect Dispatch with Service Fusion?

Increase revenue and customer satisfaction with our customer-facing and back-office solutions. Eliminate under or over-booking situations with better scheduling visibility, and dispatch capabilities. In addition, get paid faster by speeding up payment collections with instant online payment capabilities through FusionPay. Have all the customer history you need to provide consistent service follow-ups and win repeat customers. 

How to Get Connected:

Click here to learn more about setup. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to


Why Connect Dispatch with ServiceTitan?

The world’s leading all-in-one software for commercial and residential HVAC, plumbing, electrical, and other field service businesses.

  1. Improve conversion rates and job averages with a powerful visual sales experience.
  2. Book more opportunities by tracking how your office staff converts calls into appointments.
  3. Generate more leads by measuring the success of every marketing campaign

How to Get Connected:

Click here to learn more about setup. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to


Why Connect Dispatch with Walkabout?

Closely designed with service providers, Walkabout Software focuses on the details a service company needs to get the job done. Also, minimalist design makes things easy to reach, and tasks easy to complete. The software is developed with speed in mind, and is always being tested and enhanced.

How to Get Connected:

Reach out to and the Dispatch Support Team will get started on connecting your accounts. 

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