Company Skills and Technician Matching

We know that jobs require specific technical skills and your team members specialize in a number of trades and respective skillsets. In Dispatch, you can set a list of Skills that you team member specialize in and add them to each team member's user profiles. You can then add these skills to your Jobs so that when assigning your team members to appointments, we will only show you the team members who have those specific skills on their user profile for quick assignment. For a video of this feature you can visit our Dispatch Academy HERE. More below as well.

Company Skills

You can add specific Skills for your company from the Presets area of 'Settings > Company'. You can add anything that you feel would be relevant to your company's services. For example HVAC, Plumbing, or Electrical.

Once you have added your relevant Skills, you can then add or remove these Skills from your Technician's user profiles from "Settings > Team".

Technician Matching

Now that you have your Skills added to your Company Presets, and you have adjusted your Technician's profiles accordingly, you can add Skills to your Jobs. This can be done at Job Creation or after the job is already in the system. When going to schedule, you'll notice a field for "Required Skills". Just start typing the Skill you are looking for and select from the drop down. Not that the specific skill you are looking for will need to be added from the Presets section of your Company Settings in order to be selected.

When you go to add an appointment, if you have a Skill saved to the job you will notice that the Calendar will read "Filtering Technicians based on skills". Now when you go to assign the appointment you will only be shown your technicians who have the Skill listed on their user profile for quick assignment. You can override the filters if desired by selecting "Clear Filers" from the right side of the calendar. This will then give you the option again to assign any team member, not just ones with skills added.

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