Dispatch Academy - Learn the Basics!

Register for the Dispatch Academy today! The Dispatch Academy is a virtual training center with dozens of concise and helpful training videos to get you started on your Dispatch journey. Start learning the basics here: https://academy.dispatch.me/.

**Note that you will need to register a new profile with an email and password. Your existing Dispatch credentials will not work if you have not already used them to register with this course.**

Dispatch Academy includes 3 courses:

1. Getting Setup

- In this course you will:
  • Get a general introduction to our desktop and mobile applications
  • Learn which tools are best suited for the different roles of staff members at your company
  • Learn how to login
  • Learn how to download our mobile applications
  • Learn how to add your team to your Dispatch account
  • Learn how to set up your basic company information

2. Managing New Offers & Enterprise Visibility

- In this course you will:
  • Understand how you will be notified when you have been sent a new job or lead in Dispatch
  • Learn how to accept or decline new offers
  • Understand what information is shared with the enterprises you work with and what is private

3. Scheduling & Assigning Work

In this course you will:
  • Understand the difference between a "job" and an "appointment" in Dispatch
  • Learn how to schedule and reschedule new appointments
  • Learn how to assign appointments to a technician
  • Learn how you can use Dispatch to manage your own retail work in addition to the work you get from the enterprises you work with
  • Learn what the customer experience includes and see samples of the notifications that customers will receive as you make updates to your jobs using Dispatch
We highly recommend checking out the Dispatch Academy if you are a new user looking for information on getting started OR if you simply need a little refresher on some of the basics.
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