Custom Labels

Labels are a feature that have been in Dispatch for some time. They allow you to organize and easily sort through your work.  But there were only a few labels available.  If you want to learn more about labels you can click here. Custom labels are a new addition building on traditional labels to improve your workflow and organization.  

Creating a Custom Label

Custom labels are a new feature that can help you streamline your workflow.  Previously, when adding labels you had to pick between 5 standardized labels already in Dispatch, or you could write in to support to request more.  Now, you can create your own labels in the Company Settings tab.  

 When adding a label select add label and a pop-up will then appear.  Add your new label in the pop-up and select create. This will add a new custom label to your labels section. 

Adding Labels to Work

You can add a label to a job in job details from either the Schedule or Job page.  You can see the labels section on the right side of the image below. Press the plus (+) button to add any label to a job.

When adding a label you will search for your custom or standard label, then select the label you are looking for and then press save.  Previously, you did not need to press save to keep a label.  This is now an extra step in the process to make sure you have selected the correct label.  

If you are Deleting Labels you can press the X next to that label to remove it from that job's labels.  

Deleting Labels

If you would like to delete a label completely you will need to navigate back to the Company Settings page. From there you will see all the labels you have created.  Click the red trash can on the right side of a label to delete it. A pop-up will occur asking if you are sure about deleting the label. If you are just click delete.  

Custom labels are ideal for adding company specific categories to jobs.  They can help improve your companies workflow by making filtering fast and easy.   Custom labels offer a deeper level of customization to help meet your business needs.  

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