Job Contacts, Inbox - April 2018

A very exciting month has recently completed with some pretty amazing updates.

Multiple Contacts on Jobs

Previously the ability to notify multiple parties, or contacts, on a single "job" was rather tricky. Our incredible product and engineering team finished developing flexibility to notify multiple contacts AND better manage information on all work going forward. Additionally your field staff can see who they're calling with context such as a contact being a tenant of the primary customer.

Inbox & Messaging

Communication with customers is key in delivering a smooth service. Keeping all of your contacts in the loop can drastically reduce missed appointments and "no shows", especially when an appointment date/time has changed. And what is better? Empowering your users to quickly communicate with you by email or SMS (text) after you've scheduled a notification. 

The Inbox product provides an awesome interface similar to that of Facebook Messenger that you're likely already familiar using where you can quickly send a follow-up message to a customer or even receive a confirmation reply that the customer is home, waiting for a Technician to arrive.

From any page of the web application you can start a conversation with an existing customer without having to leave the page you're viewing - convenience!

What's even better? Using the Dispatch Manager mobile app you can view and reply inside of the same conversations without exposing your personal phone number to customers. You'll be able to receive push notifications to your mobile device as new replies are received from customers!

View Customer

Quick accessibility to a customer without leaving your current page had tripped up many users, likely with you as well. We realized customer details should be accessible quickly for reference in a way that would allow you to continue working, uninterrupted. 

When viewing a given Job, you can quickly open the customer details by clicking on their name (in blue) to see their contact information (phone numbers, email address, home/billing address and more) along with a list of their jobs & notes/photos...all without losing the page you're on. In fact you can even update the customer name if necessary at that moment.

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