Inbox/Messaging for Desktop & Mobile

Inbox is an in-app messaging product allowing companies to communicate with customers directly inside the Mobile and Web applications. Inbox is a simple and direct way to communicate with homeowners (especially those that won't answer their phone!).

Common Use Cases

  • Confirm or reschedule appointments
  • Get more info. from customers about the symptoms of an appliance before appointments
  • Request photos from customers of equipment needing service
  • Send a friendly reminder to customers about submitting the survey
  • Send a "Thank You" message for being your customer

The "Messages" you send to your customers are sent as text messages and/or emails to the information they have on file in Dispatch and does NOT require customers to download or install any applications in order to communicate with you.  

Inbox for the Web

On all of your jobs, you will now find a Message section on your customer & contact records.

When you click on the message button, it will bring up a small window at the bottom of your screen.

From the chat window, you can type a message to the homeowner, and hit the ENTER key on your keyboard to send it. By clicking on the Message Templates area where you type your message, you will also see that there is an option to send a pre-written message. Templates include messages for sending reminders for appointments, requesting customer open availability for appointment scheduling, and a message that the tech is running late.

Alternatively, you can write out any message you wish to send in the Write a message area of the window and press ENTER/RETURN in your keyboard.

You'll receive replies from your customers & contacts inside the same window, allowing you to view the timestamp of the message along with where the reply originated. 

You can even see what notifications the customer was sent, including appointment information, Technician 'On My Way', and Survey requests.

A listing of all messages is stored under the Inbox tab on your navigation side-bar. In this view, you can see the the date & time stamp as well as the phone number and/or email address that the message was sent to.

Alternatively you'll find a quick-glance view by using the icon at the top of your screen. This icon will open a overlay window so you can see the most recent messages.

Inbox for Mobile

Inbox is also available on the Dispatch Manager mobile application. To view your messages, simply tap the the Inbox icon at the bottom of your screen. From this screen, you can see a list of any new or previously received messages. You can also tap the red " +" button to search for a customer in your database and from there you can initiate a message. 

When you have a new message, you will see a little numerical icon on the Inbox icon, as seen in the image below. If you'd like to receive push when a customer sends a message, reach out to to learn about messaging and push notifications!

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