Multiple Contacts on Jobs

Sometimes, when you're doing work in a home, you have to keep multiple people in the loop. In Dispatch you have the ability to send notifications to as many people as you need, all at the same time.

Training Video

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As you can see above, adding another contact onto an appointment is as easy as a couple of clicks and adding some basic info about the contact like a name, relationship to the customer, a phone number and/or an email address. To add an additional contact to a job:

  1. Click into the job's details 
  2. From there, above the customer card, you will see the heading Contacts with a "+" button on the far right. Click on that plus button. 
  3. Next, you will have the option of adding a customer that is already in your system OR you can click Create a New Contact
  4. If you click Create a New Contact, you can then fill out that person's information and save it. 
  5. If you'd like to add this new contact to your customer database, because you plan on doing work for them in the future, click the Save as new customer checkbox. This will convert the contact to a customer in your Dispatch Customers list.


With this feature, you also have more control over notifications per customer. You can turn text or email notifications on or off by simply clicking Edit on the top right-hand corner of the customer card. From there, you can click on the toggle to turn SMS and email notifications on or off. Don't forget to Save!

Mobile Application

Having trouble viewing Multiple Contacts on the mobile app? If you are not able to view this feature on mobile, you may be on an outdated version of the app. To download the latest version of the mobile app, or send it to teammates click here:  Download Latest Version of Dispatch Mobile App.

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