Product Updates for January 2018

Regardless of holidays, our team was hard at work to continue developing product features that bring clarity to the user experience.

Customer Photo Upload

Collecting photos from customers can help visual, and even solve, problems that they are looking to address. Perhaps the service is for repairing pipes in a home and you've requested the customer send a photo of the pipes in order to get a visual confirmation of the type of pipes. First, you can send a message to the customer and they can reply to the SMS notification with the photo.

Message Deliverability

Understanding which notifications were sent to a customer can certainly be helpful. But even better is know if and when a notification reached a customer - time stamped with a deliverability status. Essentially, you don't need to run blind with customer notifications. Below each message you'll see the details whether an automated notification was sent or even a reply from a customer. 

Email & Password Login

The long awaited option to login to the mobile apps, both Dispatch Manager and Dispatch Field, is available. As long as you've installed Dispatch Manager 1.40.6 or Dispatch Field 1.30.9, the login screen will show both Phone Number and Email & Password options.

Other Updates


  • When sending a message, we'll show an indicator with the status of the notification.
  • For customers without a mobile phone number a message can be initiated, sent to their email address instead


  • Technicians can send a 'recap' after their appointment has been completed that includes photos and comments - available in Dispatch Power
  • The 'Pull Down to Refresh' action on a given day in the schedule will look for changes over the course of 5 days rather than only the day in view


  • Using the Inbox product in Mozilla Firefox caused some visual, overlay issue: resolved

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