Product Updates for December 2017

There were a number of updates released that may have gone unnoticed, and others you may have seen. Many of the updates have been focused around our "messaging" component that you may or may not have seen yet.

New Message

Those using our messaging product will see the ability to start a conversation with a customer when viewing any given job. Rather than having to wait for a customer to reply to an email or SMS notification, you can initiate a conversation whenever you need. It goes without saying but the customer does need to have a phone number that accepts SMS or an email address in Dispatch for it to work.

Message Templates

To save you time when writing a message, available templates give the option of select a standard message such as when your Technician is running late, and sending to a customer. You can certainly modify the message prior to sending to the customer.

Photo Caption

Running a recent version of the mobile apps users can add a caption when adding a photo when using the camera function. Captions provide a way for a Technician, especially, to add context with each photo. You'll notice the "comment" icon at the bottom right as an optional input prior to saving the photo.

Print with Job ID

Many times you may need a specific reference point with the printed job details. At times the title of the job hasn't provided enough information, and nor has the description, so how can you accurately represent the job in question? Each time you receive a job from one of our partners there is a hidden ID and we've surfaced the detail on the printed page.

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