Multiple Techs per Appointment

Dispatchers have the ability to add multiple Technicians to the same Appointment. Now you can assign a Primary Technician and as many Secondary Technicians as you would like to your Appointments in Dispatch.

As a result, we renamed the section to be Assignee and use a searchable list format like you'll see in other parts of Work.

Clicking in the Primary field will show you a list of all Technicians in your organization, and you can start typing in the Search field to narrow the options.

Click on a Technician to assign that person as the Primary Technician on the Appointment. If you wish to remove that person, simply click the red X next to their name.

If you need to add others to this Appointment, simply click Add Another and follow the same process as above. You will see all Secondary Technicians listed below the Primary.


It is important to understand the rules in order to ensure that your Technicians can status Appointments with multiple Techs assigned:

  • Only the Primary Technician can status the Appointment.
  • Secondary Technicians can only see Job Details.
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