Calendar Events

New in Dispatch is the ability to add Calendar Events that are not linked to a particular Job. This feature enables you to create placeholder Events in your Team's Calendar for non-service activities, whether those are personal time off like doctor visits, non-billable tasks like supply runs, or any other specified time that you wish to indicate as unavailable for scheduling to Dispatchers in your organization.

Creating a Calendar Event is simple and can be done in a couple of ways.

On the Calendar

The easiest way to create a new Calendar Event is directly on your Calendar on the Schedule page. In the Menu, click on Schedule.

In the Calendar panel, hover your cursor over where you would like it the Event to be and then click on the Plus (+) icon that appears.

By default, the new event will be a new Job, so you will need to click on Create Event Instead.

On the Event Info card, you must add a Title that will appear on the Calendar so that you and others in your organization can quickly understand the nature of the Event. If appropriate, you can also add a Description and Address.

By default, the Event Schedule will reflect where you clicked on the Calendar originally, automatically filling in the Start Time and Tech, as well as creating a 4-hour window to the End Time. You can easily update any of these variables at this time.

Click Save to finish creating the Calendar Event.

Now you will see this new Event on your Calendar.

Create Job button

No matter where you are in Work, you will always find a Create Job button in the upper righthand corner of the application.

From there, you follow the same steps as above. Click on Create Event Instead to change it from the Job creation workflow.

Add a Title at least for yourself and others to see on the Calendar.

Add a Date, Start Time, and End Time for the Event, as well as a Tech if appropriate.

Click Save to finish creating the Calendar Event.

If you then navigate to the Schedule page, you will see this new Event on your Calendar, and you can click on it to Edit.

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