New Mobile Apps: Manager and Field

Today, we are launching Dispatch Manager, a new mobile app designed for Dispatchers who need access to more management and scheduling features on their mobile phones. Simultaneously, we are also releasing a big update to Dispatch Field, our lightweight mobile app for field workers/technicians.

Both applications were built on a new, more efficient software architecture that will eliminate the challenges that many of our users experienced with the previous generation's performance in the field. Specifically, you will experience:

  • A faster and more fluid app user experience
  • Faster response times for actions taken in the app

In addition to better overall performance, both applications provide access to Customer History when you are in the field. More capabilities and features for each mobile app are listed below.

Dispatch Manager

Dispatch Manager is a new application designed for those members of your team that need higher-level access to Dispatch features in the field. Specifically, it has the following capabilities/features, some of which are new on mobile as indicated below:

  • Navigate through Calendar days of Appointments for all users
  • View your Jobs and Calendar Events (NEW!) in a List or on a Map
  • Search your Jobs for specific keywords (NEW!)
  • View a Customer History of Jobs with your organization (NEW!)
  • Filter Jobs by Statuses and/or Technicians
  • See Job Details across your organization
  • Update Appointment Status and generate automatic customer Notifications, both for Appointments assigned to you and for those assigned to other Team members
  • Add Notes, Photos, and Labels to Jobs/Appointments
  • View personalized Alerts on Jobs that require your action
  • Create a new Job in the field
  • Edit the Profile of any Team member, including uploading Photos
  • Add a new User to your Team
  • Edit your Company information, including uploading a Logo

To install Dispatch Manager on your device, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store: 

Apple App Store Google Play Store

NOTE: Only users with the role of Dispatcher or Both can log into Dispatch Manager. Users with the role of Technician cannot log into Dispatch Manager and will be directed to download Dispatch Field instead.

Dispatch Field updates

Dispatch Field was built for doing work in the field, and we’ve streamlined the feature set to just those that Technicians and field workers need to complete their work. See this recent Announcement for more information.

For this latest release, updates to Dispatch Field include:

  • Technicians can now see a Customer History for any Appointment/Job assigned to them
  • Call Masking is now enabled for the mobile app
  • View Calendar Events (NEW!) in a List or on a Map
  • Additional performance and stability fixes  

To install Dispatch Field on your device, visit the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and feedback, and happy Dispatching.


Dispatch Field and Dispatch Manager do not yet support our Billing platform, so if your organization uses our Estimates, Invoices, and/or Credit Card Processing on your mobile phone, you should NOT use these new mobile apps.

We are currently in the process of moving Billing over to the new software architecture, so you can expect to see Billing features in Dispatch Field and Dispatch Manager in the near future.

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