Public/Private Notes

Public/Private Notes is a new Dispatch feature to help you communicate with enterprise brands that send you work.

Previously, when you added a note to a Job, it was only visible internally at your company, even if that Job was sent by an enterprise brand.  Now, you will have an option on such a Job to make a note Public to share it that Note with the enterprise.

Adding a Public Note benefits your business because you can communicate with the enterprise brand directly from Dispatch as you work, instead of fielding inbound phone calls from the brand’s call center asking for more information.

Clicking on the toggle slider will turn it green to indicate that it is a Public Note. These notes should include information that is relevant for both you and the enterprise job provider.

When done typing, simply hit Save and the Public Note will be shared with the enterprise.

If the slider is gray, it indicates that the note is Private. 

Private Notes are ideal for when the information is not relevant to the warranty company that sent you work and only valuable within your organization. As was true before this feature, Private Notes will never be visible or accessible outside of your organization. 

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