Window Match Feature

The Window Match feature is designed to help your team schedule appointments faster by reducing back-and-forth calls with your customers. 

How does it work?

Check out this video to see the full workflow


Step1: We send email to your customer

Whenever a new job is sent to your company, we'll automatically send an email and SMS message to your customer asking them to request three time windows for the service call. 

Step 2: Customer requests windows

When the customer clicks on the email they receive, and they ate directed to a page where they can request three different time windows that work best for them for the service call. Remember, these are just requests in order to help make scheduling easier for you-- its up to you to decide whether any of them work with your schedule.

Step 3: Contractor receives requested windows from customer

As soon as the customer makes their window requests, you'll get an email notification that shows the three windows requested by the customer. If you log into Dispatch, you'll also see the requested windows on the job details, as well as on the Schedule page. 

When there is an appointment with requested windows, you'll see a clock icon like the ones below on the Schedule page:

On the Jobs page:

And when you click on the job, you'll see the requested times modal in the job details:

Step 4: Contractor confirms one of the requested windows

Once you review the three window requests made by the customer, all you have to do is click 'confirm' in the email on the window you want to schedule (from the app, you'd click 'Schedule Appointment'). This will create the appointment and send a notification to the customer confirming their window request. 

[Optional] Step 4b: Contractor creates appointment with alternative window

Most of the time, the three requested windows are enough to help contractors and customers choose a time window that works for both parties on the first try. However, sometimes the contractor is unavailable for any of the requested windows. In that case, just follow whatever process you normally use to schedule with the customer, and add the appointment to Dispatch manually. 


Are the Window Requests confirmed appointments?

No. The windows requested by the customer are just suggestions-- its up to you to decided whether one of those three times works for you. As soon as you confirm one of the windows, that will create an appointment in Dispatch.

What happens when a customer requests a window that I cannot meet?

No problem. Just follow whatever process you normally use to schedule appointments (ie- call or email the customer), and add the appointment to Dispatch manually.

How many days out are customers able to request windows for?

Currently, customers are prevented from selecting an appointment on the same day, but can make a request for any time window beginning with the following business day. 

What should I do if I already got in touch with the customer before they requested a window?

All you have to do is just manually add the appointment into Dispatch as you normally would.

How do I confirm an appointment?

There are two places you confirm an appointment-- either by click on the 'confirm' button in the email you receive, or in the Dispatch app by clicking on the round buttons next to the window you want to schedule, and then clicking 'Schedule Appointment' button..

What happens when I click "confirm appointment?"

As soon as you click 'confirm' two things happen:

  • An appointment (with the window you confirmed) is created and added to that customer's job
  • A notification is sent to the customer letting them know that the appointment is confirmed. 

Everything else is the same as always in Dispatch.

What happens if a customer requests a window, but I decline the job or it gets cancelled?

The customer will receive a message letting them know the job has been cancelled, and the process follows the same as any other cancelled job. 

How can I use this feature?

In order to use this feature, you must let us know you are interested by filling out this form, or by sending an email to

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