Drag and drop your Appointments

Now you have much more flexibility to quickly change an Appointment's timing and length in the Calendar panel without having to click on an Appointment to open it. Simply dragging and dropping with your mouse will allow you to alter the start time or length of an Appointment window.

Appointment Time

If you already have an Appointment scheduled, simply click, hold, and drag the Appointment on the Calendar to wherever and whoever you wish. For instance, you could assign it to another Technician at the same time.

Or you could move the Appointment earlier or later in the day.

Or using the new Week view[link], you could even drag and drop an Appointment to a different Technician on a different day and time

Appointment Length

You can also hover your mouse over the end time of an Appointment and then click/hold/drag to make the window shorter or longer

To learn more about these features and more, visit our article on scheduling options.

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