Customize your Schedule

Now, you have more granular control over your screen real estate in Dispatch thanks to the ability to control the width and height of the three panels on the Schedule page. Adapt your Schedule page to fit the way that you do business, or change it to fit your needs at any given moment.

By default, your Schedule page has three panels: Job, Map, and Calendar

When you hover your mouse over the border between panels, an different arrow will appear that allows you to click, hold, and drag the border left/right or up/down.

[image of hover arrow]

If you need to see more job information onscreen, make the Job panel larger by dragging its border to the right

Maybe you have a lot of Technicians that you need to see at one time, which is easier when you make the Calendar panel larger by dragging its border up. Or you might need to see where all of your people and appointments are while scheduling, a process that a larger Map panel can assist

You can refer to this article on navigating the Schedule page for more information.

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