Adding Job Labels

Labels help differentiate between Jobs that have the same status and provide more control and visibility into your work.

For example, you might have a huge number of jobs that have a status of Completed. Adding a Contact label to some of these Completed jobs would allow you to quickly identify customers with whom you want to follow up on a regular basis. Many other possibilities exist, of course, and you should also familiarize yourself with how to Filter your Jobs in Dispatch.

In order to add a Label, you must first open that Job. Go to the Schedule page or Jobs page and then click on the particular Job that you wish to label.

Once in the Job Details, scroll down to the Labels card and click on the Plus (+) icon to add a Label.

You can then click in the entry field to begin typing or select one of the Standard Labels.

Repeat the same process to add multiple Labels, or click on the X to delete an existing Label.

NOTE: If you wish to add custom Labels, please reach out to our Customer Success team, and they can assist you.

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