Understanding Job Statuses

Job Offer
Not yet a job yet. Differs from draft in that "Accepting" an offer will create a new job, whereas drafts are technically already jobs that need to get approved before they can be scheduled etc.

The job status of Scheduled indicates that an appointment has been scheduled for a job. The appointment has been scheduled for a particular date and time, has been given a duration, and has been assigned to a particular technician. These appointment details can all be changed.

In Progress 
Refers to whenever a job has an appointment that is either...
  • Corresponds to “On My Way” in the mobile app.
  • Sends a text message to the customer, along with the technician’s estimated arrival time 
  • Allows you to get directions to the appointment via GPS on your phone. 
  • Updates the status of the appointment across your service provider’s system, so that technicians, dispatchers, and customers will all be in sync. 
Its important to mark a job as started once you’re at an appointment, for two reasons:
  • Lets the customer know that you’re arrived. 
  • Marks the appointment internally as started, so that customers can’t say you didn’t show up to the appointment. 


Paused status occurs for the following reasons:
  • When you are unable to complete the current appointment or need to complete the job at a later date or time. Some reasons are: 
    • You need to order a part
    • The customer wasn't at the location when you arrived
    • You were interrupted from the work for some reason (an emergency call)

After an appointment, you must mark it as complete. Why?
  • This marks the appointment as completed in the internal system 
  • It allows you to move to the next job
  • A completed appointment will allow the customer to receive a survey request asking for feedback
When a job has the status of canceled, all appointments will be canceled. However, by changing the status back to scheduled, appointments will again be active, and new appointments can be added as usual. 

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