Rescheduling and reassigning Appointments

As with most tasks in Dispatch, rescheduling and reassigning an Appointment can be done in a few different ways. In the article below, we will cover all of these options, both on the website and the mobile app; however, we encourage you to do so on the Schedule page of the web application, since it offers the fastest and most intuitive workflow. 

Article Sections

  1. Web Application
  2. Mobile App

Web Application

Schedule page

In the Menu, select Work and then the Schedule page.

In the Calendar panel, navigate to the day on which the Appointment currently exists and then click on it. If you need help navigating the Schedule page, refer to this article.

If you are rescheduling or reassigning the Appointment on the same day, you can simply click, hold, and drag it whenever you need it to occur. Reassigning it to another Technician only requires dragging it onto that individual's lane in the Calendar.

If you expect the Appointment will require more or less time, simply hover your mouse over the end of the Appointment until a right-facing arrow appears and then click, hold, and drag the end of the Appointment to fit your needs.

NOTE: The customer will NOT receive an automatic Notification of the Appointment time/date change. You must press the Notify button in the Job Details to send them another text/email alert.

Schedule Page

Navigate to the Jobs page by clicking on Schedule under the Work menu.

On the bottom half of the schedule page, you’ll see a calendar that displays the jobs scheduled for the day in view. Find and click on the job that of which the appointment you wish to reschedule or reassign. You'll then see in the panel on the left side of the screen a section labeled Appointments.

Clicking on the job will display all of the details, including the description, customer information, and appointments. Look for the section labeled Appointments and click on the appointment in which you need to change.

You'll then be presented the Edit Appointment window in which you can change the date, duration and assigned Technician. Simply start typing in the Technician field to select/reassign a different Technician or change it to an unassigned appointment.

And then be sure to save your changes.


The customer will not automatically be notified of the appointment time/date change. You'll need to press the Notify icon after saving your changes.

Mobile App

Rescheduling or Reassigning an appointment is a little quicker and to the point, as you can get straight into the appointment information from the jobs screen. 

Once you open the mobile app, navigate to Jobs and tap the appointment you wish to edit. Once you've selected it you'll see a screen with options to reschedule or reassign the appointment. 

Tap the Reschedule option to change the date and/or time of the scheduled appointment. Select a different date and time as you see fit.

Tapping on Save Changes will update the details immediately and your Technician will see the changes right away.

If you wish to also change the Technician at the same time, tap Save & Reassign option from the reschedule page, will give you the option to select a Technician from your team.

If you only need to change Technicians, simply use the Reassign option which allow you to select a Technician without changing the date & time. 

Alternatively, changing an appointment to be Unassigned is an option if you wish to remove all assignments. The change can be made from the Reassign option. Tap on the Unassign Technician option in the list to remove the current Technician

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