Unpause a Job

For most jobs  you're able to pause a job if you've completed a visit but the job requires another appointment. These options vary by job source and are not available on all jobs. 

If a technician has completed an appointment but the job is not complete yet, that job may be put into a Paused state. When completing an appointment Techs will see a list of options with one labeled "Complete or Ready for Billing" which will complete the job and several others (such as Waiting for Parts or Requires a Follow Up) which will pause the job.


Paused reasons will only display when completing the last active/open appointment on a job. If completing an appointment but there are future appointments already scheduled on that job, these options will not display as it is clear there is additional work to be done.

Below we will discuss what to do in the event a job is paused inadvertently, and what next steps to take once you pause a job. 

I Accidentally Paused my Job! What Do I Do?

Select the job you want to un-pause from the Jobs tab

Under the appointments section of the Job Details, click on the last completed appointment from that job. 

Change the job status to Started and Save the appointment.


Do not change to any other status as this will send a notification to your customer.

Once you've  saved the appointment as Started, click back in to that same appointment, and set the status to Complete

This will display the "appointment completed" reasons ( shown below), and select Complete It or Ready for Billing (these reasons display differently based on the source of the job) to mark the job as complete and remove it from the paused status.

Don't forget to Save!

I Paused a Job that Needs More Work, What do I do Next?

If you've selected Waiting for Parts or Requires a Follow up as the reason you've paused the job, the logical next step would be to schedule a follow up. If you select the Waiting for Parts option, you will be asked to enter the estimated arrival date of the parts.  As this date approaches, contact the customer and settle an appointment time for the follow up. Set a new appointment on the job as you usually would, and the job will be moved from Paused to Scheduled. 

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