Status: Paused

How do I pause a job and what exactly does this do? 

Think of the Paused status as jobs that have had some action taken on them, but will require at least 1 more visit to the job site. These jobs are similar to Unscheduled jobs because they almost always require another appointment but are separate to distinguish between jobs that have never been scheduled (unscheduled jobs) and jobs that have had action taken and will require further action. We'll unpack all the ins and outs here below. 

Article Sections

  1. How to Pause A Job
  2. How to Un-Pause a Job
  3. Appointment-Complete Reasons

How Do I Pause a Job?

Mobile App

Each time a technician completes a job in the field, they'll see a list of Appointment Completed Reasons. These options will vary based on the Source of the job, but all options will serve 1 of 2 functions: either Completing or Pausing the job. 

Ready for Billing will ALWAYS complete the job, while all other complete-reasons will move the job into a Paused status. See the bottom of this article for a full list of appointment-complete reasons and what each does. 

Web App

Dispatchers can also Pause a job. If you open and complete the last appointment on a Job you'll see the same Appointment-Complete reasons shown on Mobile. As mentioned above these will vary based on the Source of the Job. 

How Do I Un-pause a Job?

Shoot! You accidentally chose to Pause the job instead of complete it! Not to worry, this is simple enough to correct. As a Dispatcher simply login to Dispatch's web-app (desktop version) and filter your jobs to show only paused jobs. 

You should see your mistakenly paused job here, with a blue Complete Job button on the far right. Simply click here to complete the Job entirely. 

If you want to move the Job to a Scheduled status, simply open the job and add another appointment to the job. For more on how to schedule a new appointment on a Job click here. Of course there is never really a need to move a job from Paused to Unscheduled, as the Paused status serves the same purpose, but for jobs that have already had at least one appointment completed. 

What are the Appointment-Complete Reasons I Might See?


If one or more appointments for the job are in 'On My Way' or 'Started' status, the job will remain as 'In Progress'. Additionally, you'll only see the appointment-complete reasons if it's the LAST appointment that needs to be marked as 'Complete'.

Completes the Job

  • Ready for Billing 
  • Complete - No Bill
  • Repaired
  • Replaced
  • Cancelled at the Door

Pauses the Job and Requires No Immediate Action

  • Possible Denial
  • Repaired with Non-Covered
  • Replaced with Non-Covered
  • Different Contractor Required
  • Possible Cashout
  • Over Autho Limit
  • No Show 

Pauses the Job and Requires Additional Action

  • Waiting for Parts (Requires estimated date of parts arrival)
  • I Ordered Parts (Requires estimated date of parts arrival)
  • FA Supply Parts (Requires estimated date of parts arrival)
  • Requires Follow Up Appointment (Prompts you to scheduling a follow up appointment)*

*This will NOT require you to set a follow appointment automatically, but the job will remain paused until you set the next appointment.

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