Adding your Company Logo

Dispatch allows you to add a company logo into the web application. From there, your logo will populate various external-facing communications with customers like the customer portal, billing documents, and some other premium features.

Article Sections

  1. Add Your Logo
  2. Change a Logo

Add Your Logo

To add or change your company logo, click on Settings in the menu on the left.

Next, click on Company.

In the company profile, you will find an image upload icon.

Navigate to your logo file, select it, and click Open. Once uploaded, you should click Save in the lower right corner.

Now, your logo will automatically appear throughout Dispatch.

Change Your Logo

If you have an existing logo added to your Dispatch company settings, you can easily switch your logo at any time.

To the left of where your company name is shown, hover your mouse over your current logo. You will see an icon appear on top of your logo - click the icon to open the prompt and select your new logo file.

After you've selected your new file, it will instantly overwrite the existing file attached as your company's logo.

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