Compatible credit card processing gateways

Dispatch allows you to link your existing credit card processing account to Dispatch enabling Technicians to take payment directly and immediately from customers. You can read more about how to activate payments and additional information on how Technicians can take payments from the mobile app

Each payment gateway is set up differently so the information we'll need from your specific gateway account varies. Please find the Gateway you're currently using and follow the instructions to finding the proper credentials.

NOTE: Once you've acquired your gateway credentials, please email to complete the activation process.

First Data / Payezzy

Required Credentials: "Terminal Password", "Gateway ID"

Log into your First Data account using your username and password:
NOTE:The username and password are distinct from the Gateway ID and Terminal Password that you’ll receive at the end of this process. We do not require that you send us your username and password - you should keep that information private and not share it with anyone. If you do not know what your username and password are, please contact your First Data representative. If you need any assistance with this process please do not hesitate to ask.

After you log in, on the right hand side of the screen click on the link labelled “Terminals.”
Ensure “Terminals” is selected at the top and then click into the Terminal that you want to use (you may only have one showing in your view).
Once you select the terminal, a form should appear. You should do the following:
  1. Copy the Gateway ID and paste into the body of an email
  2. Click on “Generate” to see the password. Copy the password (this is your terminal password) and paste into body of email
  3. Click save
Please send the email with the Gateway ID and Terminal Password over to the Dispatch team at: We’ll take care of setting you up for credit card process.


Required Credentials: "Secret API Key"

For Stripe integration setup we'll need your " Secret API Key". Your API keys are located in your stripe account settings.
If you do not see your API keys, this means that you have either Read & Write or Read Only access, and are not an administrator for the account.
You will need to get in touch with the administrator of your account for the API keys or to request that they make you an administrator in the account's  team settings.
Once you’ve obtained the API key please send it over to and we’ll help finalize the setup.     

QuickBooks Merchant Services (Compatible)

Required Credentials: "Ticket Number"

You'll need to obtain a "ticket" (a code that will be generated from QuickBooks) by  going to the QBMS site using this url and authorizing "Spreedly Core" for your account (Spreedly is the partner product we use in order to connect your account to Dispatch).

During these steps, you may be asked to provide a URL, which you can fill in with your company website, or if you do not have one, simply add for this field.

You will receive the ticket at the end of the process, which you can email over to us at and we’ll help finalize the setup.


Required Credentials: "API Login ID", "Transaction Key"

To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key:
  1. Log into your Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar
  3. Click Settings in the main left side menu
  4. Click API Login ID and Transaction Key in the Security Settings section
  5. Under Create New Transaction Key, enter your Secret Answer
  6. Note: When obtaining a new Transaction Key, you may choose to disable the old Transaction Key by clicking the box titled, Disable Old Transaction Key(s). You may want to do this if you suspect your previous Transaction Key is being used fraudulently
  7. Click Submit
  8. Email your New transaction Key and API Login ID to along with your company's name and we’ll help finalize the setup
If the Disable Old Transaction Key(s) box is not checked, the old transaction key will automatically expire in 24 hours. When the box is checked, the transaction key expires immediately. 


Required Credentials: "Merchant ID", "RegKey"

  1. Check your inbox for an email from Transfirst (Check your spam folder for anything from
  2. Your MerchantID (TC ID) is below 'Your Account Information' and will be numbers, for example: 54442
  3. Your RegKey Value will need to be obtained by contacting the TransFirst merchant support team at (800) 654-9256. Tell them you are setting up your Spreedly (the name of the 3rd party tool we use for this integration) account and they will send the request to integrations. 

    The integrations team will then call you and run a quick test transaction and issue your RegKey. 

    The RegKey will be alpha-numeric, for example: S6GMBE8TJPH9EYPG
  4. Copy you MerchantID (TC ID) and RegKey. Then send over the RegKey value to our support team at and we’ll help finalize the setup.   

Cayan (Compatible)

Required Credentials: "Site ID", "Key", "Name"

When you signed up with Cayan you should have received an email that included your  Site ID, Key, and Name.  
If you did not receive that email, please contact Cayan directly at (800) 498-0823 and inform them that you need your Site ID, Name and Key for use with Spreedly/Dispatch. Once you have these items, send an email with those credentials to


Required Credentials: "Private Key"


Log in to the Braintee Control Panel

  • Navigate to Your Username -> My User
  • Click the blue link titled API Keys
  • If no API keys appear, click Generate New
  • Click View under the Private Key column
  • Click Copy to copy the API configuration code to the computer’s clipboard and email that on over to

Chase PaymentTech aka Orbital 

Required Credentials: "Merchant ID"

We only need one small piece of info with is your Merchant ID number which you can find in your account details after logging in at

In some rare instances we may also need a user name and password as well to verify your account, and recomend for the sake of security that you reset your password after we finalize the link between Dispatch and your CPT account. 

Still need help? Contact Contact