Activating credit card Payments

While accepting cash or check payments is pretty straightforward, setting up your account for credit card payments presents a few options, none of which have additional fees. Once you have set up a credit card processing gateway as covered in this article, you will need to enable Credit in your Payment Options.

To set up your account for credit card payments, head over to the  Billing section of Settings.

Near the top of the page, you'll see the Payment Options section, where you will want to enable Credit payments.


The Credit mode allows you to link your current credit card processing account with Dispatch. We partner with around a dozen of the largest credit card processors in the world and are able to link your existing account with Dispatch to create a seamless experience. You'll be able to run payments and complete transactions directly from within Dispatch's invoicing platform, but with all the safety and security you are accustomed to with your current card processor. 

Once you enable the Credit mode for the first time you will see a pop up that explains we'll need a couple bits of information about your account to complete the setup. 

Depending on which credit card processing company your currently work with, the information we need to finalize things will vary. Please refer to  this article for details about what we would need based on your current means of processing cards. Simply follow the steps for getting this information found in the article below and shoot an email to with the appropriate credentials from the article. You can also fill out this form and a Dispatch Team Member reach out to you shortly. 

Offline Card

The Offline Card mode allows you to take credit card payments through your current means of processing them and simply mark these invoices as ones that were paid via a card that was run outside of Dispatch. 

This option is perfect for users who currently use a gateway/processor that is not compatible with Dispatch or those who are brand new and awaiting activation with their current card processor. 

If you attempt to activate the Offline Card mode while you currently have Credit enabled then you will see a warning like this, with instructions to first deactivate the Credit option: 

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