Getting Reviews from Customers Privately and Publicly

Customer feedback about their experience is a major component to the success of businesses. A core component to the workflow, at the completion of service, is to prompt customers for that very feedback. This includes both internal reviews for your business and external (public) reviews. 


Getting public reviews from customers can be part of the experience. In order to give the option to customers, a few steps will need to take place first. 

  1. Create a Job for a Customer
  2. Schedule an Appointment (optional)
  3. Update the Job to a "Complete" status
  4. Allow the Customer to submit a Dispatch Review
  5. Public review options will be displayed to the Customer

Customers are prompted to leave a public review only after they've submitted a review in Dispatch. Typically customers receive email and/or SMS notifications requesting feedback which include a link to the customer portal.

Customer Review Submission

At the completion of a Job, customers are asked to share their feedback. Typically customers are prompted with a 5-star survey and sometimes a 10-point NPS survey. Customers are asked to rate their experience, select some of the options and write a comment if they so choose.

When both options are presented to a customer, the experience will appear like the following:

Customers simply tap or click on their feedback choices. The inputs may changed based on what they select, whether it's 1-star or 5-stars.

Public Reviews

One option customers may see is to leave a public review. The feature, which is called Profile Builder, enables customers to select a public website of choice where they wish to share their experience.

When customers tap/click a button of choice, they'll immediately be taken to the location of choice. There the customer may be prompted to login to their account, follow your business or some other action.

Enabling Profile Builder

The feature is an option for companies looking to grow their online reviews. In order to enable customers to see the public review options, you may need to subscribe to a paid plan. If you're unsure whether your Dispatch account is already on a paid plan or not, please email in order to get some clarification on your account status.

Companies with the feature will need to share some information. Most importantly, we need the URL to your account/page of choice. Once signed up, you can send the URLs where you would like to link customers to Secondly, by default we apply the "Button Text" shown below - if you wish to display something different, just let us know!

Website URL Button Text
Google Link to Google Business Page Review on Google
Yelp Link to Yelp Page Review on Yelp
Facebook Link to Facebook Page Recommend on Facebook
Instagram Link to Instagram Account Follow on Instagram
Twitter Link to Twitter Profile Follow on Twitter
Custom Link to Any Webpage Visit Our Website

We simply need the website address of the sites you wish to show to a customer. For instance, if we wanted to show our website as a "custom" button, the web URL to send to us would be:

Button Tex: Book Another Appointment

Page URL Format

Each platform has their designated format they support. Similarly, for the best experience, it's important to follow their recommendation. Below are steps to acquire your page URL for platforms.

Google My Business

1. You'll need to login to your Google My Business account at

2. Find your "Location" (you should already have access)

3. Navigate to "Info" at the left

4. Click "Share your Business Profile"

5. Copy the address you are shown and send to when you're ready. You can customize the URL using the pencil icon if you wish, just be sure to do so before sending Dispatch the URL assigned to your business page.

Common Questions

We've provided answers to some popular concerns that you may find helpful.

  1. Where can I see customer reviews?
    Each review captured will show in a couple areas of the experience. First, you can review all reviews inside of Reports where reviews can be filtered based on a date range and other parameters. 

    Additionally on the individual jobs each customer review is displayed inside the Activity Feed for simple reference.

    Any user who has a Dispatcher role, they may receive email notifications upon each customer review captured.
  2. Can customers see all of my reviews?
    Currently the only access to your reviews is between your company staff and any enterprise brands you may be working with in Dispatch. There is no public visibility to reviews captured unless the customer chooses to publicize their feedback elsewhere.
  3. How do I make reviews public?
    This is where Profile Builder comes in to play. It's designed to enhance the experience by prompting customers to share their feedback externally. Once your company has been enabled for Profile Builder customers will immediately begin seeing options to leave a public review at the locations you've chosen.
  4. What are the options for Profile Builder?
    We actively support several unique links to public URLs of choice. Within the customer portal, we display each link as a separate button. Currently this includes:
    - Facebook
    - Google Business Page
    - Yelp
    - Instagram
    - Twitter
    - Custom (anywhere else)
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