Getting Reviews for your company in Dispatch

Reviews are a core piece of the Dispatch Experience

Instant reviews, along with our other customer notifications, are a core part of the Dispatch experience for your customers. Each time you complete an appointment in Dispatch, your customers are prompted to leave a rating about the service your team provided as long as you state that that the work has been completed.


Depending on which type of device your customers are using, they will either receive the ratings on a phone via SMS text message, or on a computer via email.

The customers are able to leave you a rating ranging from 1-5 stars, and they can leave a comment as well. Here is what it looks like for the customer:

More detailed videos are included below.

Get your positive reviews posted online

With Social Profile Builder, we'll ask your customers to leave a public review

When you complete an appointment, this is what the customer experiences on their phone:

This is what the customer experiences when leaving you a review from a computer:

See the full Customer experience

Wondering what your customers experience every time you use Dispatch?  Click here to see a live demonstration.

How can I see my Reviews?

You can see what customers said about your company's service by either looking at the Activity Feed of any given job or by using the 'Your Reviews' report under the 'Reports' section of the web application. Because customers are prompted to leave comments while the experience is fresh in their minds, Dispatch users often rack up dozens of ratings from their customers.


Your customers will only get these notifications if you collect their cell phone number and email address and enter it into Dispatch when you initially schedule the service appointment.

If you subscribe to the Dispatch Power plan, you will receive an email each time your company gets a review in Dispatch. If you are not subscribed to Dispatch Power, you will only receive an email when you get a 4 or 5-star rating.

Getting your reviews emailed you instantly helps your company respond to reviews immediately especially those which are less than 4 or 5 stars.

Get more business

When you have positive reviews online, your company is more likely to bring in more business from new customers. With the Social Profile Builder product, we help ask customers to leave a review at your preferred business page immediately, and we send a follow-up email the next day as a reminder.

Who sees my reviews?

When you do work for another source (ie- a Warranty company) in Dispatch, the source of that job has access to the review (for that job only), as well as anyone at your company with the role of 'dispatcher.' 

When the job is a retail job, or doesn't belong to another source automatically created in your account, only users in your company that have the role of 'dispatcher' can see your company's reviews. No 3rd parties can see your reviews for your retail jobs. 

Learn more about Roles

To learn more about roles, and how to add team members, click here

How can I get my Reviews posted online?

You can get your positive reviews (the ones with a 4 or 5-star rating) posted online by subscribing to the Dispatch Power premium plan. The Social Profile Builder product prompts your happiest customers - those that leave you a 4- or 5-star review in Dispatch - to then leave a positive review for you on your online profile (such as your company's Google Profile page). 

We only push happy customers to leave positive reviews online, and leave non-positive ratings for you to handle privately.

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