Appointments Workflow

In Dispatch, Technicians deliver service in the field, and they use the mobile app to update the status of Appointments and issue automated customer alerts. As a backup, Dispatchers have the ability to status Appointments as well.

Mobile App Statusing

As a technician, when you are logged into the mobile app Dispatch Field, you will first see the Jobs page for the current day. As you prepare to leave for your next Appointment, tap on the relevant Job in the mobile app. Now you will see the full Job Details, and you should tap On My Way. The Map overlay will show an orange En Route alert, and the Get Directions button is directly below. 

When you arrive on site, you should hit  Start Appointment. Scroll down in the Job Details to browse the full Job Description, see Notes from other Team members, add your own Notes and Photos, and see other job-related information and actions.

Lastly, when the technician is finished at this particular appointment, they will want to press  Complete. By hitting Complete, two options will appear This job requires follow up (Pause It) or This job is done (Complete it). Select the appropriate action and then the technician can continue on to the next job.


The most important reason to click On My Way is to send a text/SMS alert to the customer, letting them know your expected arrival time. We have found that these alerts benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Reduced no-shows because customers receive real-time alerts
  • A warmer welcome when you arrive because they know you're coming
  • Greater overall customer satisfaction because they are kept in the loop

Web Application Statusing

While it is ideal if Technicians status Appointments as they complete them in the field via our mobile apps, there are times when either they forget or they are unable to do so because of extenuating circumstances. In such situations, Dispatchers have the ability to update the status of Appointments from the Appointments section on the job. Whether you are in the Jobs view or the Schedule view, you can click into the appointment card and select the banner at the top to manually status an appointment while in our web application.

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