Application is running slowly and/or pages aren't loading

Is Dispatch acting sluggish today? Are various pages not loading? Read below for helpful tips that may resolve this problem for you on both mobile and desktop devices.

Tips for when this occurs:

*Check your WiFi connection (on computer or mobile) for a good reception/signal. A poor signal can cause unresponsiveness or slow load times.

Web App Login 

  1. If you have a lot of browser tabs open and/or programs running, this could slow things down and cause loading issues. Close out unnecessary tabs, applications, and apps. With fewer tabs/programs open and running, your device won't have to work as hard to load pages when you click on them. 
  2. Restarting your web browser could help clear pages that are not loading. Sometimes your computer may just need a quick break from running your web browser all day.
  3. If restarting your browser doesn't do the trick, sometimes your computer itself may need a re-start. (Be sure to close out all tabs and programs before re-starting.) 
  4. Lastly, you may need to clear out your browsers history/cookies/cache. Often times this will help with login issues, but can assist with slow loading as well. It can also improve your general internet browsing. Click here for helpful step by step instructions.

Mobile App

  1. When looking at the Calendar view & Job list, try Swiping/Pulling down on the screen and letting go. The screen will bounce down and back up. This is a Manual Refresh of the app which will Reload any info that may not have hit the app. 
  2. For a mobile device only - Try Deleting and Reinstalling the mobile app. If you need a new download link to Reinstall the app, head to From here, you will type in your mobile phone number and will receive a text message with a new download link.
  3. Try logging out of the mobile app/web application and turn off your device. Then, turn your device back on and log in again. 
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