Updating your mobile app

In this article, we'll cover updating the Dispatch mobile app. Occasionally, a new version of Dispatch will be released and will replace certain code from previous versions. When this occurs it is very important to make sure you have the newest version of the Dispatch mobile app installed on your device. This ensure that the version you currently have is up to date and accurate, and includes all of the latest improvements and features.

Article Sections

  1. Checking Current App Version
  2. iOS App
  3. Android App
  4. In-App Reload
  5. Release Notes

Checking App Version

Dispatch Manager:

iPhones: v5.3.2
Android (minimum Android OS version 7.1.1): v5.3.2

Dispatch Field

iPhones: v5.3.2
Android (minimum Android OS version 7.1.1): v5.3.2

First thing's first, before updating, double-check which version of the app you already have installed. To do this select Settings from the options at the bottom of the screen. Next Select Help and this will show you the current App Version that you are on.

Please note: Android devices must have Android version 7.1.1 or higher installed in order to update their Dispatch mobile application to version 4.7.1 (released in February 2022) or any subsequent updates. 

iOS App

To update your mobile app on an iOS device is fairly straightforward. Start by opening the App Store from your home screen. At the bottom of the screen in the right corner, you should see a section labeled Updates. 

Under the Pending Updates section, you should see the Dispatch app if you have not yet updated it. If you do, click the word Update. 

Once the app is finished installing the update, you'll see the option to open the app. When you open the app, head to Menu > App Version and double check that the update replaced your previous version.

Android App

To update your Android mobile app open the Google Play Store and from the menu on the left, select My Games and Apps. If your Dispatch app is outdated, you'll see it show up under your Updates header. Click the Dispatch app. You'll see a couple of options: Update and Uninstall. 

Click Update. Once updated, you'll see a screen like this one that allows you to reopen the app.

In-App Reload

Occasionally you'll be prompted to Update the app while you're currently working in it. These are smaller updates, usually related to fixing small bugs or errors, called "Hot Reloads". You'll see a notification like this one below. Simply click Update let the app restart itself and these updates should take effect.

Almost always, "Hot Reloads" will have no effect on your "App Version". 

Release Notes

Check out Dispatch release notes for info on any recent releases and features!

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