Using Offline mode in the mobile app

When mobile app users do not have access to a cellular data network with their phones, they are "offline" -- meaning that they do not have access to certain features like the web and GPS/location services.

Many of the features of the mobile app depend upon "online" web access; however, users can continue working in Offline Mode because the mobile app stores 2 weeks of Job information, 1 week before and 1 week after the current day.

You will know that you are operating in Offline Mode when you see a gray notification bar across the top of the mobile app that says No Internet Connection.

Periodically, the mobile app will attempt to reestablish a connection to a data network, and you will see an orange notification bar that says Attempting to Connect.

When you click on the Jobs button, you will be able to see your list of Jobs as usual.

And you can tap to open any Job to see the basic information: Appointment Schedule, Contact Information, and Job Description.

If you try to complete an action (e.g. On My Way, Get Directions, adding Notes/Photos, etc.) that is not possible in Offline Mode, an Alert will appear to ensure that you know that action is not possible until your are back online

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