Customer text message replies

After receiving an automated SMS/text alert from Dispatch, some customers reply to that message, not knowing that the text was not sent directly from your company. In these situations, we have a workflow behind the scenes to route that message to you under most circumstances.


When Dispatch receives a text message reply, the phone number used to send the message is determined and compared with existing customer records across our system. Once identified, we check for open Jobs for that Customer and identify the organization providing the service for that Job. After finding the correct organization, we then embed the customer's text message reply in an email that is forwarded to all Dispatcher email accounts in the organization.


It is possible that a Customer may have open Jobs with more than one organization in Dispatch, a conflict that occurs in a very small number of cases from our research. In order to protect your vital business data, we do not forward customer text replies in these conflicting circumstances because of the sensitive nature of material that could be included and communicated to other business entities.


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