April 25th, 27th - Web App :: Labels, Notes, Archiving

Combining a couple release notes, these bugs and updates have added more efficiency to your every day work while resolving pesky problems.


  • Archive a job at any type you wish to remove it from the list on both the Jobs and Schedule pages
  • Unarchive a job that has been archived to see it in your list of jobs on both the Jobs and Schedule pages
  • Create a sample job with the click of a button acting like a job sent to you by a 3rd party provider


  • Adding a label to a job shows a scrollable list of all available label options rather than the requirement of typing to search for a label
  • Editing a phone number for a customer will allow you to change any single digit rather than having to type the entire phone number again


  • Printing a job would show an incorrect date on notes attached to the job - now the notes will show the correct date
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