February 15th - Web App :: Delete Appointments, Address Flexibility

Continuing to make updates to the new platform for an optimal experience, we've completed a few more items from the list that our users (you!) were asking for in order to work efficiently.


  • Want to delete an appointment? Now you can - just open an appointment in 'scheduled' status and click the 'Delete' button.
  • Add an Apartment #, Suite #, or any secondary address when selecting/adding an address to a customer or job.
  • The schedule page uses a smaller version of the Technician column when your screen is narrow.
  • Entering a customer "Home Address" defaults as the Billing and Job Address to reduce the need to enter the same address three times.
  • Job zip codes have been added to the 'Jobs' page list.


  • You can now close the map pin 'pop-up' by clicking on the X displayed in that pop-up.
  • Scheduling a job will no longer present the wrong appointment data.
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